Teach Ministries: To Educate About the Consequences of Homophobia

Mary Lou and Bob WallnerTo those of you who sign our guest book, please keep in mind that it is just that, a GUEST book. When we sign a guest book, it is usually in a person's home, thanking them for their hospitality, or it may be in a church simply giving our name and address. If you have an opposing view to our view about homosexuality, please feel free to contact us directly. We want our web site to be a safe place for those who may be hurting. Thank you so much!
Mary Lou and Bob

  July 11, 2009
Thanks for all you do to reach out to people in the Lords name. its ok to be gay and god loves us as we are as he created all of us.
  June 23, 2009
Thank you so much for working to bring about healing and reconciliation within the LGBTQ community and the Body of Christ. Blessings and peace to you.
  June 18, 2009
Everyone is on this earth for a reason, We all have a purpose and hopefully a legacy for others. You are an angel Mrs. Wallner. This is your destiny.
  June 9, 2009
I recently saw your story on For the Bible Tells Me So. I am so sorry for your loss, and yet the world is so blessed to have people like you determined to educate, preach love and tolerance and acceptance- this is truly Christ's work. Bless you-
  June 3, 2009
Thank you. Websites like this show we are not alone.
  June 3, 2009
I was moved by your story and your work. Thank you for sharing.
  June 3, 2009
Saw you on "For the Bible Tells Me So." So sorry for your heartbreaking loss. Thank you for your courage and compassion. God Bless.
  May 23, 2009
I just saw the movie "For the Bible Tells Me So" and was moved and touched by all of the personal stories. It's terrible that there's so much unnecessary hate in the world. Please keep up the good work of spreading tolerance and understanding.
  May 12, 2009
Thank you so much for sharing your difficult journey in an effort to help others begin their own.
  April 25, 2009
It was so nice meeting you and your husband today at the PFLAG conference in Cleveland. Sorry I cried, but your story and how you are changing lives just gets to me every time. Hopefully I didn't get too "hug-happy". Thank you so much for all of the work you do, the two of you are a godsend.
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Speaking Engagements

Mary Lou WallnerMary Lou recently gave a short talk at Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church and you can watch the video here.

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