Teach Ministries: To Educate About the Consequences of Homophobia

Mary Lou and Bob WallnerTo those of you who sign our guest book, please keep in mind that it is just that, a GUEST book. When we sign a guest book, it is usually in a person's home, thanking them for their hospitality, or it may be in a church simply giving our name and address. If you have an opposing view to our view about homosexuality, please feel free to contact us directly. We want our web site to be a safe place for those who may be hurting. Thank you so much!
Mary Lou and Bob

  July 1, 2011
The Bible is a tool for life, not a weapon! God Loves ALL of US!
Hi Mary Lou!
I watched the video last night and I must say I cried my eyes out. I am a gay man -- a child like Anna -- whose father has rejected him. Twenty years later, I am yet to have resolution with my father and last night I found myself wishing he could understand, but have accepted in my heart that will be no reconciliation until he is able to see me as a normal, healthy man, in a healthy relationship, with three wonderful children of my own.

I can't even begin to imagine the pain you feel with the lose of Anna, but am so impressed that you set out to learn about her and her life, and make a positive change in the world. God bless you in your work. It is a ministry like yours that will help the children and families of the future, so hopefully children like Anna, or me, won't have to endure what we do because of misunderstandings. I would love to come and listen to you speak, so please add me to your mailing list if you are ever in the Chicago or Milwaukee area. :)
  June 27, 2011
My son is gay, and as tough as it was to process that information, I knew that it was not a "choice," Luckily my pastor was a wonderful person to talk to to help me come to terms with it. I only wish all pastors were as loving.
  June 21, 2011
God Bless you, and thank you!;) Gratefully, Goldalee
  June 1, 2011
The efforts on this page will save many from what I had to go through. Bless You.
  May 30, 2011
Your Love did not fail , Mary Lou ! and it never will !! we all come to this earth to be found by Christ , to find Christ , to confess Christ and to become christlike ,., so many more people will root out Homophobia forever and live the LOVE , that never fails ! thank you for this wonderful T.E.A.C.H.-ministry!
  May 30, 2011
I also lost my 15yo son to suicide in 2000. My heart goes out to you and i thank God for what you are doing now. Your love is far reaching and is healing many people.My charity is peachy me uk and my sons memorial page is douglasmoreton com

Many LGTB have been hurt by the church, but thank God that there are also many like you in the Church that show his love and acceptance.

My prayers are with you.

  April 18, 2011
I'm sorry you didn't get to tell your daughter you loved her. Somehow I sense, and hope, with your new line of work you've saved a couple of lives or at least helped make quite a few lives better. May the Universe bless you with more strength to do more good.
  April 18, 2011
thank you for doing this, we appreciate it and wish my wife's mother who is an evangelical minister would spread this word as well as you do.
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