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Mary Lou and Bob WallnerTo those of you who sign our guest book, please keep in mind that it is just that, a GUEST book. When we sign a guest book, it is usually in a person's home, thanking them for their hospitality, or it may be in a church simply giving our name and address. If you have an opposing view to our view about homosexuality, please feel free to contact us directly. We want our web site to be a safe place for those who may be hurting. Thank you so much!
Mary Lou and Bob

  January 4, 2008
I just finished reading your book and was teary the whole time. I came out two years ago this month to my family and have a wonderful partner of two years. My family do not accept me as a lesbian nor recognize my relationship with my partner. Thank you for writing such an encouraging book! I only wish you could give a speaking engagement in Elberton, Georgia.
  December 26, 2007
What you have done in honor of Anna is working. Without a doubt your honesty and courage is a lit candle in the darkness of doubt. I am a thirty-four year old lesbian happily coupled for 8 years. Though I had dealt with my sexuality over a decade ago I did not then have the need to reconcile my homosexuality to my spirituality. I've always been a late bloomer! Or... maybe God just knows I can only handle one BIG thing at a time. Some how I got stuck in the muck! Yours was one of the beautiful strong hands that helped to pull me up, out and FREE! Hopefully our stories of recovery and good mental, spiritual health will empower you to continue your good work.
  December 17, 2007
I am a lesbian and have been out for over two yrs now. I am 39 and have a mother who doesn't speak to me & 2 older sisters who are trying to understand my sexuality but make very little effort. I was part of a church for 10yrs but left after I came out. God created all human beings but we as a society have segregated all. I live every day of my life to love every single human being as I want to be loved - unconditionally. God Bless you for your effort. I am emailing this website to my family and hopefully they will open their hearts and minds to see that I am me nothing more nothin less
  December 13, 2007
Mary Lou- Dotti sent me a link to your article in People magazine! You are an awesome lady who we love dearly and think about often since meeting you in Colorado! We love you! Your adopted daughters!
Pam & Kathi

  December 13, 2007
Thanks so much for your enlighten views.
  December 8, 2007
It was nice to see such a wonderful artical on Anna, I was a friend of Anna. Met Anna when she first moved to Springfield. She was a great person witch a beautiful voice. I really miss listening to her sing.
  December 7, 2007
I recently read your article entitled "One Mother's Tragic Lesson," and I thank you for sharing your story. I can only pray that all "christians" are touched by your story to love and accept all humans for who they are, after all non of us are without sin and we have no right to judge another.

My eldest daughter is gay and I know that the one thing that I can do for her is to love her unconditionaly. While there are times that it is hard to let "my dreams" for my daughter go I can find comfort in knowing that she is following hers. I love her, no matter who she is and who she loves. She is my hero!

  December 6, 2007
i can't understand the hypocrisy of those who say "its not my place to judge" but then in the next sentence say "what they are doing is wrong". its not your place to judge - so don't. if you truly did love the 'sinner' then you would focus on them, you would say that you love them no matter and treat them with the same respect and kindness you always have. you wouldn't focus on the sin. PLEASE see For The Bible Tells Me So and see how the church's message of condemnation has hurt these people. one thing the bible is completely clear on is love: love thy neighbor. treat people as you want to be treated - would YOU want to be an outcast, have your safety threatened every day of your life, and be cut off from everyone you love for anything you do?

Please, PLEASE don't let those people discourage you. you are doing wonderful work here. hopefully there will come a time where people will look back and shake their heads at how the church could possibly think this. i pray it is in my lifetime. i am planning to have children one day and you can bet i will be teaching them Jesus message of salvation, forgiveness and love.

  December 6, 2007
Your story and message MUST be heard in ALL churches, temples and places of faith. Too many Christians carry hatred in their hearts for gays. That is a waste. Thank you for your message.
  December 2, 2007
Thanks for following your heart and doing what is right. Your daughter would be proud

Thanks for stepping out and doing what is RIGHT. I am proud to call you friend. Your daughter would be proud.

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