Teach Ministries: To Educate About the Consequences of Homophobia

Mary Lou and Bob WallnerTo those of you who sign our guest book, please keep in mind that it is just that, a GUEST book. When we sign a guest book, it is usually in a person's home, thanking them for their hospitality, or it may be in a church simply giving our name and address. If you have an opposing view to our view about homosexuality, please feel free to contact us directly. We want our web site to be a safe place for those who may be hurting. Thank you so much!
Mary Lou and Bob

  May 29, 2008
Your mission is so important to society
  May 27, 2008
Thank you for writing this book! I recently "came out" as a christian and am going to give your book to my mom.
  May 20, 2008
just saw "For the Bible Tells Me So". Want to thank you for your ministry and your efforts. While I know nothing will bring your daughter back, I want you to know that as I reflect on your journey, I believe your efforts have brought her death a greater meaning.
  May 1, 2008
I am a hard right bible beliving christian, but as such a sinner! and with bisexual ideas. I met a shemale who said "I love you" which changed my world! I love him too and was confronted with a spiritual resolution. We are commanded to love one another, do I love him some of the way? Obviously love is all the way. The still small voice said "See am am even here in this corner of th e world" I pray through love he will see and belive too! Thank you for your message
  April 30, 2008
Thank you Mary. You are proof that true love can change a heart. I went to Falwells school in the late 70's. It was at 36 years old I finally faced my sexuality honestly. I gave myself two years to self destruct and die by living life on the edge with total apathy. My religion almost killed me… God reached me. I am now happier than I could have ever imagined. I kept the baby (Jesus) and through out the dirty bath water. I am hoping I can get my Mom to watch “For the Bible Tells Me So”. I’ve been with my partner for almost 10 years and she is too uncomfortable to visit me. You and your ministry are in my prayers! All my love, David
  April 15, 2008
Thank you again for speaking at Log Cabin in San Diego. Your willingness to drive to San Diego shows your devotion. I enjoyed are chat. I hope you you had a safe trip home.
  April 8, 2008
I think what you are doing is so wonderful and it was an honor to talk with you! I wish you all the very best!
  April 8, 2008
Thank you. May God Bless and Keep you!
  April 5, 2008
Thank you.
  March 31, 2008
Hello! I am so excited that my logo was picked in the deviantart icon for change contest! I'm so glad I could help out! You are doing such a wonderful thing. I myself am bi and it's great to see people that actually care. My parents were shocked when I told them but they are learning to accept it. I am worried that my girlfriends parents won't react in the same way. Thank you for all your hard work! It's people like you that make the world a better place!
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